Gaming Industries Need for Video Game Testers

Aug 12, 2014 |

Video game industries have come a long way. The first video game launched featured by pong involved pushing a ball back and forth. However, times have changed. With the evolution of computer technology, gaming has evolved from simple programming to more complex form. With more complex form, gaming industry felt the need for game tester. Understand the needs of these companies and you can make money playing video games at your home.

Why Industries need Game Testers?

Developing a game today requires more than good programming. In this graphic intense world, it involves energy, time and skill of various people. Apart from these a manufacturer spends millions of dollars in the entire process of launching a game. Work of a game tester starts as soon as game reaches its first stage. At initial stage the problem is small, tester work is to find this problem so that it doesn’t prevails when it’s fully developed. They are internal part of game development team, just like any other work. Their main work starts as soon as primary version of any game is launched. If any error prevails in game system, it can be fatal to creator. It can lead to loss of both reputation and money. Tester approach game from almost any angle involved, and search for any incompetence. Video game creator doesn’t take chance when it comes to testing. They want to solve the problem as soon as it arises so that it doesn’t become an unsolvable one later. Tester delivers them just what they want.

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Role of Video Game Tester

Work these people do is very important for development of any game. Gaming industry wants their games to be popular, and this can only be done if players have good gaming experience. Bugs, crashes and other errors can turn off the gaming vibe in any player, thus making the game unplayable. The role of a tester is to test the game at each level of development and find all the bugs in it. Quality gaming is assured by tester. Role of any tester involve:


  • Detecting Software Bug – Tester specialize in detecting coding bugs. This type of problem generally goes unnoticed when a coder codes it. However, it can lead to freezing of game at any instant. Coding is the backbone of any game. How character moves? The weapon used by him, the environment and storyline are all defined by coding. The work of tester is to ensure smooth gaming in any condition. Repetitively testing each part of code is the main work of tester.


  • Testing Hardware for Smooth Operations – Creators ensure that player has good gaming experience. Good hardware response also plays an important role when playing a game. Testers are assigned to test hardware such as controller, so that they don’t become unresponsive while playing a video game. Controllers need to be comfortable when used for prolonged time. Hardware testing also involves testing of other accessories such as memory card. Testers have to present a detailed report of their work at the end of the day to developer. A video game tester needs to have good communication skills; he needs to communicate clearly about the problem.


  • Job Ladder Entry Level Testing is not exciting as it sounds. Task such as turning the game on and off several time, just to see how much time it takes to warm up are assigned. Multi-tasking operations such as chatting with other player while playing game also come under this category. These prospects of game are also important like higher level functions. While testing game a tester is made to play same level more than hundred times, just to find out small bugs. For example, playing on an alpha level version means playing without good graphics. This can sometimes be boring. When the game is about to launch, tester are made to play game for 24 hour stretch, without a break. Any last minute problem can ruin the game and tester job is to make sure this doesn’t happen.


What Qualities do I need to Become a Video Game Tester?

A video game tester requires keen observation skills. Along with this they also require in-depth knowledge of hardware and software relate to the game. Patience is very much required for this job. You cannot be a good tester without patience. You should be detail-oriented and serious, if you consider this as your dream job. Testing requires noticing every small detail in the game. Most importantly your love for the job is what will make you stick out from the rest of the crowd. Bottom full of curiosity is another quality which you need to be a video game tester.


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These qualities will help you move forward in the game industry. Gain easy access to more information like this at because the pay grade is good and you live the dream job. Companies hire game tester for 100$ an hour. Remember, this is a competitive field. There is no scope for any mistake. Once you get your first assignment make sure to execute it with full dedication.